nkombe rhino

..i am proud & honoured that @Nkombe_Rhino are using my rhino for their logo; it's a small gift in aid of a very worthy cause to protect such wonderful, majestic, & simply awesome creatures..

rhinos are being killed at an unprecedented rate for their horns. in south africa alone the figures of rhino deaths due to poaching incursions in 2014 stands at 1215 rhino carcasses. recent figures show an increase and the trend looks extremely bleak
at this rate the worlds’ rhinos could be extinct by as early as 2025
the team at nkombe sponsor, support, train and motivate the members of the Anti Poaching Unit (APU): 
dedicated and professionally trained men, presently fighting for the future of a sustainable wildlife heritage for all mankind..

(below is our final logo design & some of the development)

development versions

other bad stuff

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