investment product research

a refreshed identity for ipr to bring the logo in line with their new parent company levendi matching the classic & “very corporate” look

in addition to the 'investment product research' version, there is a matching form for 'investment solutions' in complimentary cambridge blue
development versions
original design

ipr required an all new logo for use on their website, something with both a wordmark & symbol element. after playing around with several iterations of the letters I, P & R we settled on a more abstract form based on the greek letter delta.

in mathematical finance, the ‘greeks’ are used to represent how the price of a derivative (such as an option) reacts to a change in other market conditions, such as interest rates, or how long it has left until its maturity. delta, the greek letter for ‘d’, specifically measures how the price of an option changes if the price of the asset to which it is linked to changes. given the audience of ipr, this logo symbol should resonate.

the final logo graphic is formed of a capital delta set in the bowl of a lower case delta such that they form the representation of a pie chart; the preferred form of wordmark encircles the delta symbol, but for various applications where this may not be suitable a ‘stacked’ version was also produced.

other bad stuff

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