brugsche rugby club
rugby is not so big or well known here in belgium. as such clubs have to be rather proactive in getting kids interested in playing – it’s not something they do in school. as part of a promotional project in 2013, i started working with the club on a flyer targeted at 6 to 12 year olds to get them involved early in tag rugby with the brugsche rugby school, so that they then have a good feed in of kids to the older ages & then further into the senior team.
over the following 3 years i have produced more promotional flyers & posters for the rugby school & rugby academy (12 to 18); the club's main logo as well as those for the scool & the academy were developed by a third party, & i've been working with them to update these. as part of launching their new women's team we have created the logo for this new section of the club & are involved in the promotional campaign. finally we have completely overhauled the website (in wordpress) & have produced a custom team ball. 

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